Cannabis Match UP

Meet and greet the strains. Matchmaking isn’t just for the stars or finding your soul mate. It’s for Cannabis too. Want to know more about a strain before you make a commitment? Dedication of time and money should not lead to users remorse. And yet, there’s a bud waiting for you. Find your dream bud below.

Afghan Kush (Nickname: Afghani Kush)
I like to mellow out- taste and effect. No need for harshness. The world is rough enough as it is. It needs no help. Let’s wring out the day and chill-out together.

AK-47 (Nickname: All Kush 47)
65% Sativa Dominant
I’m down to earth in a sweet, floral garden kind of way. I won’t muddy your brain or mood, but you’ll be happy and relaxed enough to smell the flowers around you.

Alien Dawg
70% Indica Dominant
I’ll bring the pillow; you bring the clear starry night. I’m brilliantly clear, sour, and pungent. I have a bitter side, but I more than make up for it with my masseuse touch everywhere but your head. Some even call me a nighttime muse. Want to try me tonight?

(see AK-47)

Blueberry Seagal
60% Indica Dominant
Time for blueberry picking. Afterwards we can make pancakes. That’s my idea of a perfect weekend lounge fest. Do you like syrup or butter? We’ll work off the calories some other time.

Blue Dream
60% Sativa Dominant
If exhaustion was your past date, I’m the great rebound. I’ll introduce you to new experiences, invigorating thoughts, and warm comfort. I’m multifaceted but from any direction the sun will shine when I’m around.

Charlees Angel
Indica Dominant Hybrid
I’m the diesel to spark your fire. Need a laser point to achieve results but without the panicky angst goal driven behavior often brings? Look my way. I think you’ll be happy you did. I’m catchy like a smile.

Chemdawg (Nickname: Chemdog)
I’m loud. Your neighbors will definitely notice, because I won’t hide my pungent diesel aftershave. I’m proud, proud of my OG Kush and Sour Diesel offspring, and my bark has a carry through- I’ll bring your head high and your body low.

Cherry Punch
I’m into duality when I balance the scales with a one-two punch of sweet berry and skunk. I give heady euphoria and a light body high- all that wrapped up in little old me. Remember I told you so.

D. Bubba (Nickname: Death Bubba)
70% Indica Dominant
Collide a Death Star with Bubba Kush, and I emerge from the wreckage to lure you to meet the Sandman.

I’m your wing-man, your best friend, your self love book. I’ll remind you clouds are curtains to the sun. I’m your key lime pie in the sky.

80% Indica Dominant
Check out my scent. It’s sweet and sour and just a little bit spicy- that’s me; and I’ll spice up that mood of yours too. Don’t worry we’ll have a nice relaxing time together with no regrets.

Indica Dominant (not the 50/50 Hybrid)
Celebrate with fireworks. Head sparkling with lights. Body feeling the bass of my boom. I’ll make time dissipate. Party!

The General (Nickname: Grapefruit GG4)
Sativa Dominant
Head to the tropics with me. There’s a beach ready to run down and waves to hop. Leave the headaches at home. We’ll travel lightly.

Ghost Train Haze
That train that just hit you was me. I’ll open the world up for you; so you might want to toke the train nice and slow. I’m one intense citrus and floral weed ride traveling at ghost speed.

God Bud
60% Indica Dominant
I’ll take you to a tropical heaven and back. My ticket to paradise is not one-way, but we can keep going back. Sweet all the way around. I’ll lift you up from the neck up, and relax you on down. People will tell you I’m being honest when I say I’m truly dank.

Granddaddy Purple
Who brought the grapes and berries? I did. My Purple Urkle and Big Bud parents taught me manners. Want a dreamy buzz of a time? Into euphoria and relaxation? You’ll beg for me to return for that pillow date. I’ll toss those bodily stressors right out the door. I got it all under control. You just take that magic carpet into happy land.

Island Sweet Skunk (Nicknames: Sweet Island Skunk or ISS)
80% Sativa Dominant
Push the dial to max, and pack a snack. I’m a black, skunky coffee to gas up your engine. Take a sip.

Jack Haze
90% Sativa Dominant
What happens when you mix laughing gas and coffee? Trick question- Me. I’m definitely a 90 on that uplift scale. It’s why my friends call me Jack the Daze.

Jean Guy
90% Sativa Dominant
Into White Widows? Then check me out. I’m a ranking member of the White Widow club, and 100% Canadian. Go Maple Leaves! True I might make you pucker a bit, but I got that tingling pine on my side. I’m the guy you want to wake up with if distracting thoughts don’t bother you. Choose me and say goodbye to your headaches.

Kosher Kush
I’m a warm soft blanket on a long cold night. Let me tuck you in for a mini-hibernation. Tell me your worries, and I’ll take the weight off your shoulders.

(see Ultra Sour)

Long Weekend
Everyone likes appetizers or a first time encounter on a long weekend. I got your number. Want mine? I have the mid-range covered with my earth and spiced citrus. Friendly taste, friendly times.

MAC1 (Nickname: Miracle Alien Cookies X1)
Ever wanted to fly? I’ll show you how. We’ll soar above our worries and have a safety tether to the ground. I’ll keep you safe day or night with my sour diesel and sweet, spicy citrus flavors.

Mango Haze
If I had to describe myself I’d say I’m fermented sweet. I’ll lead you on a tropical afternoon getaway filled with daydreams and rejuvenation.

Marley Green
(see Blue Dream)

Ninja Fruit
50/50 Hybrid
Shhhhh. Luring you in with my fruity flavor, I’ll sneak up on you. But I smell and taste so good, almost too much. I know how to walk a fine line; as I pounce, slashing away cares. Be on my friend’s list?

80% Indica Dominant
Dip your marshmallows in skunk and go. My gravity won’t succumb you, but you will be drawn to the sensations spreading up your spine.

Pedro’s Sweet Sativa
Sativa Dominant
Canadian to the veins. Canada might be the great white north, but that doesn’t mean we don’t rock citrus and sweet berry with skunk. I have pine in my veins; so take a step back and breath the good clean air. I’m fun to have around. You’ll be smiling in no time; you could say you’ll be sweet on me.

Pink Kush (Nickname: Pink OG)
90% Indica Dominant
I’m sweet vanilla potpourri you’ll taste and feel from the inside out. Let’s have a spa day together.

Quadra (Nickname: Headstash)
80% Indica Dominant
I’m a Jack-of-all-trades kind of plant. I get the mind and body, and am full of tricks for a calm, sleepy, happy sort of time. I’m Headstash. It’s nice to meet you.

Raider Kush
Indica Dominant
Smooth and mild nose and tongue. I’ll turn the stressors into melting ice cubes for you. Best of all, I won’t hog the remote; I promise. It’s all in your hands.

(see Island Sweet Skunk)

Rio Bravo
(see Wabanaki)

Royal Highness
Sativa Dominant (*not the CBD version)
Want the royal treatment? Choose me. You’ll feel me all over, and be happy for it. Fruit, spice, and dancing shoes. Time for my magic carpet.

Sage N Sour
75% Sativa Dominant
I tell it like it is, and my name says it all; I’m Sour Diesel and Sage. Sage belongs in the kitchen so wake and bake with me. I’ll bring your mood up and leave your body tingling all over.

Samurai Spy
(see Ninja Fruit)

60% Indica Dominant
I bring musky melons and the perfect amount of gas each and every time. I want my word to mean something when I say I’m not neutral towards easy going fun. Check me out.

Sensi Star
70% Indica Dominant
Lemon and pepper don’t just belong on fish; they belong with me. They’re my entourage you could say. My best buds. Let me take your nerves and body for a time out. Bring some pens, guitar, or paint because that gorgeous mind of yours will be focused with delight.

Strawberry Fire OG
Let’s put a momentary pause before we jump right back in again. I’m the cheese and fruit mental break you need to recharge.

Super Skunk
65% Indica Dominant
I come from a family of Skunk and Afghani parents. I’m really pungent but also creamy sweet. If you want a staycation, I’m just the bud you need; because, you won’t be sad with me around.

Ultra Sour
70% Sativa Dominant
Ultra in all ways sour and power. Your brain will know I’ve struck as I punch away cares jolting the creative. My boxing gloves are ready.

70% Sativa Dominant
Come back to nature with me. We’ll laugh at the smallest things as the pine forest surrounds us and leads us towards a great walk. My hiking boots are ready.

White Shark (Peacemaker)
Candy, bubblegum, grape, and everything skunky nice. Take a walk down memory lane with me. Our thoughts will meander before we wind down for the day.

White Wedding
Think red. Think speed. Think race car fast. You might miss me coming if you blink your eyes. Or you might be convinced I’m a Mac truck. Either way I taste better than steel like earth with hints of coffee.

White Widow
60% Sativa Dominant
Energy baby! Get a taste of me- I’m euphoria. Let’s talk. Let’s get down with those creative vibes. I’m a 60/40 on that sativa scale. So unwind and sweep out those mental cobwebs chaining you down.

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