What absorption method is best for you?

CBD is sought after for a myriad of reasons by incoming customers. But not all methods of partaking in CBD extracts are equal nor do they provide the same experience and longevity of effect. A customer might ask which is best for me, and they’ll wonder whether to smoke, ingest, or rub on. It is important to assure customers that all forms, though, are non-psychoactive.

Routes of Administration 

Each of the following methods for taking in CBD differ in uptake, distribution, and elimination. 

Ingestion and Sublingual

Orally is definitely the most common way of getting CBD into a person’s system. With the oral method, the CBD must be processed first by the digestive system which leads to the liver before being handed over to the bloodstream. 

The multiple levels of processing in this manner means it is not the most efficient method for high dosing CBD. But not everyone wants to smoke or vape dried herb. Additionally, ingestion is super easy with no need for accessories. 

It is interesting to note that studies support mixing CBD with fatty oils. The fatty acid is able to protect itself from liver dismantling so more CBD makes it’s way to the bloodstream for a larger impact on the body.

Their is also sublingual absorption. Some products are designed to be sublingual only. However, even oil meant for swallowing can be held under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing.

The benefits to sublingual are a selling point. The mucous membranes absorb the oil allowing the cbd to bypass the digestive system and liver. Enzymes in the blood break it down instead, giving the user a nice boost of cbd, before the rest is swallowed and takes the slower route.


Vaping CBD oil or smoking CBD has speed  and amount in its favor. The vapor/smoke is taken up by the alveoli in the lungs. The large surface of the lungs gives ample space for absorbing the CBD. The alveoli then transfer the CBD directly to the bloodstream negating the slower digestion and liver processing. 

Topical Application 

With CBD topicals, the bloodstream doesn’t come into play nor the stomach and liver. The skin does the absorbing, and cannabinoid receptors in the skin pick up the CBD.

The skin is not a highly permeable  barrier which is how it protects us from outside invaders. It requires lathering on the topical for absorption to take place through the pores.Topicals shine though in that they can be applied directly to the problem joint or muscle.

A factor to remember in choosing product is onset time and longevity of effect. Edibles come on slower but last longer in the body. The Veryvell drops being water soluble will be broken down by the liver and hit the system faster then CBD in oil. Hitting faster also means wearing off faster!

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