Why eating raw cannabis is a waste.

 You don’t need a chemistry degree to understand how to make cannabis useable. Don’t let the long word decarboxylation scare you off. No pun intended, put bluntly, cannabis is a plant that needs some cooking to be useable as anything other than a form of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Here’s why. (Not that there’s anything wrong with eating your leafy greens.)

Think of making a cake. You put all the ingredients together, mix them, then bake it. Baking turns all those individual pieces into the cake you want. Well the cannabinoids and terpenes are the ingredients, but cooking (heating) the cannabis transforms the dried herb into a psychoactive solution akin to your cake. Unfortunately, the drying and curing process doesn’t have much force to transform THCA (THC in acid form) into THC the psychoactive chemical we seek for getting “high”. Time will turn some of the THCA into THC, but not enough to make eating dried buds a good use of resources. Bring on the heat!

The fastest and most thorough way to activate the THCA and chemically alter it into THC is heat. Smoking and vaping both give the necessary heat to turn cannabis into a psychoactive ride. And, the effect is nigh on instant. Just inhale.

You might be wondering about edibles. You can’t use your ash or smoke to infuse brownies or butter. So get that oven up to 220°F. It takes a minimum of 30-45 minutes in the oven to prep your herb. While you can turn the oven up higher, higher temperatures run the very real risk of destroying your terpenes and cannabinoids. 

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