Haze or Kush

What’s in a name: Euphoric  and Happy Highs


  • Hazes are sativa dominant while Kushes are indica dominant though both provide euphoric boosters often sought after. 
  • Hazes, being sativa dominant, are associated with lighter yellow green hues and orange pistils, softer scents, and a head high.
  • Kushes, with their indica heritage, are darker in hue often with dark green and purple colorations, deeper in aroma, and the high stays in the body leaving the head alone.
  • Both Haze and Kush labels are misused by producers in hopes of attracting attention and increasing price tags. This is why knowing a product’s actual strain and parentage is important. 
  • Haze rose to power in Northern California where seeds migrated to the Netherlands. Transplanted across the Atlantic, breeders produced the kushes that we know and love today.
  • Kush is a landrace from the Hindu Kush mountains that traverses India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. 
  • The nose knows. Haze will touch the nose with hints of spice, citrus and earthy sweetness.
  • Kushes tickles the nose with harder more pungent notes of pine, spice, pepper, and sometimes incense. 
  • Now for taste. Brighter tastes are paired with Hazes. They are often reminiscent of sweet and sour flavour profiles.
  • Kushes hit the tongue with a smooth complexity. Potential tastes include citrus, grape, flowers, earth, and diesel. 
  • Finally what are their effects? While both have euphoria on their checklist, they go about it differently. Haze hits the head with uplifting energy and creativity. Kush suggests relaxing and giving the body a much deserved break. 
  • Be careful. Both Hazes and Kushes tend to be heavy hitters in their respective classes of sativa and indica strains.

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