Our CBD Friend

 A member of the Cannabaceae family and variety of the species Cannabis sativa, Hemp has fewer growing restrictions forced on it than Marijuana (Weed), but it still maintains a wealth of resources like the cannabinoid CBD. While high in CBD, it is negligible in a THC count which allows it to be grown more freely.

Hemp is grown industrially for its fiber (hemp rope, hemp paper, etc.) and its seeds which nutritionally are a source of protein, fat, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and folate as well as vitamins C, A, and E. There is money to be made on those two alone, but now added to the Hemp portfolio is CBD.

According to Healthline, Cannabis averages around 17% THC but less than 0.15% CBD. In reverse, Hemp must legally (in the US) have less than 0.3% THC but normally ranges 12-18% in CBD. For makers of CBD oil or other edible products, Hemp’s CBD numbers are a clear winner. 

As part of that winning hand, the CBD in Hemp is molecularly identical to the CBD in Cannabis. Turns out CBD is CBD. But there is one drawback to Hemp.

Hemp grows skinny and low in foliage; whereas, Cannabis grows lush in comparison. All those Cannabis leaves have trichomes lush with resin. Lacking as much resin, it takes a lot more hemp material to collect enough CBD for concentrates and extracts. 

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