Getting the Most Out of Hops

 This is the story of a terpene that grew up to get its own name and be recognized by the family it is part of. At first, humulene was known as α-caryophyllene. The two share the same chemical makeup but have different molecular structures. Once deemed its own terpene, it was named for the hops plant, another member of the family cannabis is part of.

Family traits come as little surprise in the animal and plant world, and humulene is no exception. Not only does it share similar effects with caryophyllene, not the CB2 receptor bonding, but it is often found alongside caryophyllene in strains.

Research is ongoing to investigate whether humulene can be used as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and tumor suppressor. The one thing that everyone does agree on is the taste. Hops in beer gets its taste from humulene and caryophyllene. Those two present in cannabis strains bring the same taste. So maybe you can smoke that beer.

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