Adding Zest To Smoking

 Did you know that about 97% of the essential oils in orange peel is limonene? No wonder breaking open an orange is so inviting. Oranges have to share limonene with other citrus like limes, lemons, and of course cannabis. 

Cannabis strains can rock that sour tang of lemon or citrus. Beloved Tangerine Dream is a prime example. Tangerine is right in its name so it must sport high limonene levels. Right? Not necessarily. The citrus taste is not only a result of limonene, but strains notorious for their true limone levels, like Wedding Cake, can offer some top selling points.

If you read up on limonene in the news and on blogs, the list of areas limonene is suggested to help in sounds exciting: antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, digestive aid (heartburn, reflux, colitis), cancer reducer (breastfed skin), and so on; and while these are all valid areas for research, what about the cannabis user? The limonene level in cannabis strains are botanically limited. What effect might a user experience from their vape or choice of smoking method? 

At the cannabis level, it is much more likely to find the Elevated Mood and Stress Relief we all need so much in modern times, even without Covid19. In other words, take an inhale so your body and mind can exhale like a yogi. Take your own lemon cleanse.

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