What Hops and Mangoes Have in Common 

 Leader of the Pack, myrcene the terpene most likely to be dominant in any given strain. Not wishing to be second fiddle, myrcene has even worked its way to being the most common terpene in today’s cannabis market. But why the popularity? Sure the spicy and peppery taste rocks in a beer, but, just like with beer drinking, cannabis users must be getting more than a popular taste profile.

Myrcene’s earthy and musky taste, layered with sweet, fruity undertones, is also sweet in one particular effect- one that will make users seeking high THC levels super happy. I like to think of it as a THC handshake and personal escort service.

Myrcene grabs THC by the chemical hand, and leads it helpfully across the blood/brain barrier. Oh so  very helpful! Myrcene itself won’t get a user high, but it gives THC the ability to slip like a ninja into the brain allowing the psychoactive high to strike fast and hard. So that low THC strain high in myrcene might just surprise you with its secret hidden charge.

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