Breathe Deeply 

 When you are out in a pine forest, what do you do? Breathe in deeply of course. That’s pinene for you, and research shows your lungs really do appreciate the scent of pines.

Pinene is rarely the terpene with the highest percentage in any cannabis strain. However, it is a very common secondary terpene, and it is so prevalent in cannabis that it would be hard to find a strain without any at all. Its ubiquitous nature is why so much research has been done, and continues to be done, on pinene.

There are rarely definites when it comes to medical studies, but reviews of what has been published indicate the following benefits that will make cannabis users happy.

  1. Bronchodilator 
  2. Memory Retention 
  3. Alertness
  4. Emotional Modulator

While studies also suggest other exciting potential avenues for pinene, the four listed are game changers for the negatives associated with cannabis use.

As a bronchodilator, pinene helps open the lungs for easier breathing which helps even if you don’t suffer from asthma, bronchitis, or another lung issue. Not that we are doctors or should medically suggest lung solutions, but for people who complain about the harshness of smoking on the lungs, steer them towards high pinene strains.

There is often a complaint that THC impairs short term memory retention. Pinene helps to negate what for many people is considered a negative side effect. In fact pinene can help keep one alert and present, eradicating the brain fog THC can instigate. 

As a natural modulator, pinene takes the edge off. That great smell of pine needles helps to mellow paranoia or anxiety induced by high THC. That freshness percolates through the brain. Maybe this is why pine air fresheners are so popular. 

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