The Entourage Effect


 We’ve all heard that mixing drinks or mixing cannabis with alcohol has a big impact on the user, but mixing THC and CBD also causes a change in the user experience. This change will be great for some users and not ideal for others. To get our vocabulary in order, the term for how chemicals work together to alter the experience is called the entourage effect.

Putting THC and CBD into the same smoking session has two outcomes:

  1. Together each cannabinoid is more effective than alone.
  2. CBD moderates some of the THC side effects that certain users don’t want such as the psychoactive and possible anxiety inducing symptoms.

But don’t people turn to THC for the “high”? Not necessarily. While we are a recreational retailer, many of our customers come to us for medical reasons. We certainly cannot give medical help or act like doctors, but we do need to understand what our customers want and steer them in the right direction.

For people looking to cannabis for a myriad of reasonable physical and mental reasons, the “high” so many people tout is not what is sought. The list of medical conditions THC or CBD can assist with grows monthly. Increasing the efficacy then can be important for a user’s comfort. But, it will be up to the user to find their own perfect ratio. 

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