Indica vs Sativa

 Have you ever wondered why there is a greater selection of indicas in comparison to sativas? It is very common on the black market, where many of our customers have gained their cannabis familiarity, but it occurs on the legal side too. Check out OCS. Currently there are 15 pages of options for indica-dominant strains but only 10 for sativa-dominants. That is a 150% increase for indicas over sativas. It would be easy to assume that this is due to customer preferences, but it is not. Indicas have genetics in their favor when it comes to making money off of them.

Low Maintenance 

Indicas have won the Darwin award for easy maintenance compared to their sativa cousins. Indicas on the whole are hardier, healthier, and far more tolerant of poorer nutrient levels even surviving with the same nutrient mixture throughout their growth cycle. Sativas like to be catered to.


Indicas don’t mind cramped indoor conditions with pumped in light. Sativas like the luxury of space to spread out in. Worse, sativas want organic sunlight to flourish in.


Money making requires product to sell. At accounting time, indicas have larger yields than sativas. For those seeking a profit, there’s more to be had with indicas. Then there is the bud itself. Indica buds are dense and heavy. Sativa grows bigger, lighter buds. Smaller and denser take less storage and transport space- all things that reduce production costs and maximize profit.


Time is money- money tied up in production costs over profit. Indicas can bloom in as little as 45 days. But Sativas? Sativas can require up to 90 days. That’s double the time which is not good from an expenditure point of view.

All summed up, we are not likely to ever have as many sativa options on the market.

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