Dried Flower Vaping vs Smoking

Which Is Healthier

 When people think of a cannabis smoker, the image that comes to mind usually includes a joint or bong. Both forms of cannabis intake have one thing in common- fire. Whether the dried herb is rolled, packed in a pipe, or dampened down into a bong bowl, flame is necessary. Of course where there is flame, there is ignition and… combustion. 

Combustion is great in a fireplace or a car engine, but not ideal for human lungs. The heat from the combustion process chemically turns normally safe cannabis cannabinoids and terpenes into the same carcinogenic toxins, like benzene, found in cigarettes. It’s not the cannabis that’s the problem but the level of heat required for combustion. 

Not to fear. There is a way of getting the cannabinoids and terpenes into your system without the extreme heat of combustion: dried flower vaporizers. With flower vaporizers, enough heat is provided to boil the desired cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor without burning them.

Vaporizers, not the oil variety of vape pens, produce a vapor that is nearly 10 times cooler and cleaner than smoking. If that wasn’t enough to persuade you, more cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved to be absorbed by the body through vaping. The heat of combustion actually destroys cannabis goodies by burning some of them off. Cannaseurs after great terpene taste will find vaping provides a greater taste profile. Give a vape an inhale, and see for yourself. 

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