Greening Out

Tips to Help You Get By

 Being “high” can be fun, but too much THC can suck the joy out of any smoking session. If nausea, anxiety, low blood pressure, or racing heart, amongst other symptoms, strike, consider some of these possible solutions:

  1. Start up a mantra to yourself that “this too will pass”.
  2. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, but stay hydrated by sipping some fruit juice, if you are not diabetic. Not only will this help combat a dry mouth, but if your blood sugar levels are going down this can help stabilize it.
  3. Find black pepper in your kitchen cabinet and smell it, if ground  or smell/chew on some peppercorns. Caryophyllene,  the same terpene in cannabis, is in black pepper and is known to mellow out a high.
  4. Lemon juice, mix with honey/sugar and water to make it palpable, contains the terpene limonene. Limonene shows potential for acting like caryophyllene in taking the edge off a bad high.
  5. If you have some on hand, try pure CBD in dried flower or oil form. Due to the entourage effect, CBD will help get you back to homeostasis. 
  6. Other things to try are fresh air, a gentle self massage, exercise, or lying on one side. *Lying on the side can be dangerous due to vomiting. 

Happy smoking!

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