Is Your Weed Safe?

 In December of 2019, the Ontario Cannabis Store recalled 25,000 grams of Cannabis already in stores over mold. Were any of the contaminated lots used? Probably. Here’s how to keep yourself and customers safe through inspection. 

Visual Inspection 

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I see something that looks like cobwebs? Is there a powdery substance like sawdust or puffball spores? Are there dark spots in otherwise colored areas? Does it look like the buds were rolled in confectioners sugar? Do I see slime? Do I see something reminiscent of moldy cheese or bread? If you answered yes to any of these questions, get your nose involved. 

Smelling Inspection

Yes diesel and skunky weed is beloved by many. Sometimes earthy and dank are sought after, but there are two smells that should send you running: human sweat or urine. We all know what these smell like. We don’t like the smells on us; we certainly don’t want them in our lungs. Unfortunately not all molds, especially new ones, smell. After all that sniffing, if your allergies start to act up, it’s a good chance mold has invaded even if it smells fine. 

Together your eyes and nose can keep you safe. If you want to get another sense involved, try squeezing a bud between your fingers. Is it damp and spongy? Consider tossing it. Your lungs and immune system will thank you.

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