Revolution of Dabbing


Revolutionizing Dab Rigs

 Cannabis use goes far back into the fog of history, but humans keep inventing newer and newer ways of reaching that ideal high. While not available in Canada yet, there is a new technology spreading out across the USA, Germany, Chili, and Japan. DabTabs, or Dablets, hopefully will bring their eco-friendly, easy, and safe product into the Canadian markets, because concentrate users are already asking questions. Why the fuss?

DabTabs are a combustion-free  vaporizing way to dab concentrates easily without mess. This ease doesn’t even come at the cost of flavor or the full-spectrum nature of the cannabis plant. 

Made from a porous mineral-based ceramic. This material absorbs an exact amount of concentrate like a sponge. Imagine a pristine medical sponge that absorbs exactly the same amount each time. And yet, it is easily cleaned. If you drop your DabTab on the floor, just wipe it off with a cloth. Even better, and more unlike a normal sponge, the ceramic is health rated to be used in water filtration systems. 

The DabTabs might look like a healthy vitamin pill, but they are not edible. They are however recyclable. If you are a home grower, you can even put them in the soil like perlite after you use them of course.

To use them, place the DabTab flat against the heat source. Cap your rig with the carb cap. When the vapor starts to be released, vape away. It’s that simple.

With the DabTab, there is no guesswork involved adding to the simplicity. Each tab is a 50mg dose or 1/20 of a gram. Exact measurements equal exact dosing. No mess involved. 

The concentrate only releases with heat. Two to three draws from each tab is normal. With each draw the tab gets darker. Check the image at the top for a color guide.

Welcome to a new generation of dabbing!

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