Third Party Testing

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Lab Testing

Third Party Results

 Buyers beware! It’s easy for a company to make claims, but can they back said claims up with measured reality? Without a neutral third party, claims are empty promises void of substance. That is where third party labs come in. 

A third party lab is hired by a licensed producer to verify claims made for truth and honesty. As an outside entity, with no economical or business ties to the producer, one assumes the lab report is based on scientific facts and results. So, what are the results provided by a lab?

  1. Potency: Cannabinoids are what bring most people to cannabis use whether they are looking for THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, or CBN. Numbers are what matter, and that’s what the lab can produce.
  2. Terpenes: Producers make full and broad-spectrum claims, but what terpenes are present and at what percentage? Lab testing can make that determination especially since so many production methods destroy terpenes. 
  3. Solvents:CO2 being the exception, making concentrates is likely to leave solvents behind. To determine what is actually being inhaled or ingested requires a lab analysis. 
  4. Pesticides: If a grower says they are organic or that their pesticides are fully washed away, then there should be no pesticide residue. Cue the lab results for proof one way or another.
  5. Microbial Count: Cannabis is a living organism and has the same fight as humans to squash bacteria, molds, etc. How many times a year do you see food recalls for e-coli or salmonella? These plague cannabis too. For safety, lab testing can give us comfort that we are going to be safe after using.

When in doubt ask a producer for their lab analysis! 

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