The Word ‘Diesel”

It’s part of strain names. It’s used as a flavor or aroma descriptor. Some users use it as a sign of power and greatness; while, others run from it. So what does the word ‘Diesel’ refer to in the cannabis world? Sadly there isn’t a simple, one definition, answer. Diesel, like its unmistakable smell, intense taste, and obvious high, is a complicated beast of classical power. 

Power in cannabis starts with parentage which often leads to or influences strain names. Two examples will begin to show the intricacies of “Diesel “. 

Starting with New York Diesel, the strain’s lineage stems from Sativa Mexicana and Aurora Indica (Afghan x Northern Lights). Moving on to Original Diesel, we see something very different: Chemdawg x {MassSuperSkunk x SensiNL}

Where’s the crossover or similarity? There isn’t any unless you go far back into the cannabis specie’s history. While the majority of Diesel strains involve hybridization with the strain Chemdawg (aka Chemdog), it is not universal.

 Naming a strain is one thing, but the word “Diesel” is used to describe experiences too. Take the strain White Tahoe Cookies with its gassy (diesel) flavor or Death Star’s fuel (diesel) aroma. Neither have “Diesel” in their names! Clearly, then, diesel is more aptly seen as a description of the experience a user will have via their senses.

To increase the mysterious nature of our senses and strains referred to as Diesel, the terpene profile of strains with Diesel in the name, taste, or aroma are not consistent. Many include Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene but the amounts and ratios vary, and those terpenes are not unique to Diesels.

Perhaps the mysterious confusion is part of the allure. For, when a strain is “Diesel” you know it, bit pinning it down can be harder.

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