Talking to Your Doctor

Medical Cannabis

Chronic Pain

 A joint virtual meeting of medical power houses has recently wrapped up. Pain Week came to an end with good news for sufferers of chronic pain: a joint resolution to help improve the lives of countless sufferers of never ending discomfort or agony.

Many pain sufferers want their GP or family doctor to prescribe cannabis to help alleviate symptoms. The problem is doctors have not been educated on how to prescribe cannabis with cannabis being demonized for so long. Now doctors have relief: for now, doctors have a to-go-to breakdown for how to medicate with CBD and sometimes THC.

In an effort to replace opioids with CBD for relieving pain, the task force realized, with so little data available, that doctors did not know where to turn for guidelines. The task force voted to fill this glut by unveiling the following regimen: Regimen

Talking to a doctor on sensitive subjects is rarely easy, but this regimen gives a starting place for dialogue that should help make doctors feel more comfortable. The meeting’s results show great promise for pain sufferers going forward. 

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