First Time

Bad trips can happen, but there is also the reality that some people feel nothing the first few times. For people who had a bad first experience or an amazing one, it might seem hard to believe, but have some empathy because it is very real. How is it possible, and will it change? Yes!

  • The first thing to check is if the cannabis is 100% or primarily CBD. The two main cannabinoids in cannabis are THC and CBD. Only THC is psychoactive; whereas, CBD is used for sleep, pain relief, and muscle relaxation, but will not give you the iconic marijuana ‘high’.
  • Are you inhaling as you would for a cigarette? Cigarette smoking involves shorter, shallower inhales. With cannabis, you want to draw it down into your lungs for greatest surface area.
  • Expectations can also come into play. Everyone reacts differently, and the years of scare tactics around cannabis usage have lead to the myth of “reefer madness”.
  • The cannabis high works by THC locking into chemical receptors called CBR1. There is current investigation into whether these receptors need to be sensitized to THC before working. If this is the case, then users who have no reaction the first time could be training their receptors to react with future usage.

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