Binge Drinking

Two studies have recently come out of Oregon State University in Corvalis that turns over the iconic image of frat and other college parties. Beer is certainly still imbibed, but in US states where marijuana has been legalized for the recreational market interesting facts came to light.

After going through the data accumulated from the studies, a definite trend was shown: “In states with legalized recreational use, the team observed a greater reduction in binge drinking among students aged 21 and over…they [also] saw an increase in sedative use in students younger than 21” (Alley, Bae, and Kerr)

How much are we talking though? According to Grand View Research, “binge drinking in US states that legalized the drug has dropped 9% below the national average. Excessive drinking in states with a legal cannabis market is also 11% lower than states where cannabis remains illegal.” That is good new for livers accross the country. That is not to say cannabis carries zero health risks.

Cannabis smoking does affect the health of lungs, but luckily there are ways around that.

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