The THC and CBD Dance

THC and CBD have an interesting dance they do of give and take. The relationship that entwines the two both increases and decreases THC’s effect. As counter intuitive as this might sound, it’s chemically sound. To understand requires two aspects of THC in the body.

First off, if you think of THC as a key, the lock it fits into, to start up the effects we feel, is the CB1 receptor found mostly in the central nervous system and brain. The THC key doesn’t simply stay in the lock forever. If it did, we’d be high forever. Instead an enzyme breaks down the THC so the lock becomes free. The lock and the enzyme are where CBD jumps into the ring to play.

CBD can also attach to the CB1 lock, but it does so in a way that prevents THC from jiggling into place. This is how CBD can get in THC’s way. On the other hand, CBD gets in the way of the enzyme that breaks THC down from being produced. In this way, CBD promotes THC. So how do you deal with such a contradiction?

The percentage of CBD compared to THC as well as when the CBD is used is the answer. If CBD is used first, studies show THC is promoted since less of the enzyme is created. Of course the more CBD you use compared to THC will also enhance CBD’s power. The only way to find the perfect mix is sadly personal trial and error.

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