THC Quickstrip

Legalization of cannabis for adult recreational use still carries a heavy stigma: Pothead, Stoner, Rasta Man, Space Cadet…. The list goes on and on, but whatever term is bandied about the underlying assumption is that only losers smoke. It doesn’t help that the cannabis smell can linger bringing into question a person’s sensibility when in a disapproving crowd.

Judgement aside. Other issues surround smoking. Perhaps a person is protective of their lungs or has breathing issues. Or, maybe children are nearby and cannot be exposed. Whatever the reason, smokers today want options.

Edibles are one option, but edibles are ineffective for some users and delayed for those who do feel the effect. New on the scene is a new option though- Quickstrips. (Don’t mistake them for a breath strip.)

Minuscule drops of THC or CBD oil is suspended in a shear film that can be placed under the tongue or between the gum and cheek. On being touched by saliva, the strip melts and enters right into the bloodstream without the dangers of combustion. 

Discreet. Odorless. Travelable. Fast-acting. No swallowing required. It couldn’t be easier to intake an exact amount of THC or CBD with ease.

That ease comes with speed. Fast as smoking, the delayed reaction of edibles does not plague this form factor.

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