There is the old adage that ‘oil and water don’t mix.’ And it happens to be true. Plop some oil in a bowl of water, and you’ll get an oily iceberg refusing to sink as it bobs up but never too far down. Yet, sometimes you need oil to appear to dissolve into a water-based liquid. To achieve this requires a lot of chemistry, but little understanding for practical use.

Drinks are a very popular use for ingesting cannabis. Sound the alarms, because here comes the water vs oil. Cannabis oil is the form used in beverages; so, something has to be done to prevent the desired oil from giving the water the evil eye.

Let’s consider the water-based beverage for a moment. Two issues come to the forefront: First, the sides of the can repel water but attract oil which separates it from the mixture; two, the oil and water don’t want to intermingle. Luckily one solution can solve both problems- emulsification. 

Emulsification is a process that turns oil into micro or nano (extremely small, invisibly small) droplets instead of one single globular mass. Another ingredient, gum Arabic for example, is then added to surround each droplet- think of a star surrounded by security guards so all you see is the protection/security detail. Now then the oil will no longer be attracted to the sides of the can or bottle, and  it can be mixed thoroughly into the liquid base of the drink. As an added bonus, the minuscule drops are easier to digest so onset time is faster than with other edibles. 

Drink up!

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