Vapes are quick and easy. Portable. Discreet. Low on scent clouds. But for some people the sensation in their throat denies them cartridge use. If the burning sensation turns you away, consider one with menthol.

Menthol has long been used in cigarettes to numb the throat with cool tingling. It doesn’t stop there though. The menthol terpene is antibacterial, numbing, a reliever of joint pain, headache soothing, fever reducer, asthma treater, and more. While rarely a terpene mentioned in cannabis strains, it does exist: Green Monster, Wonder Woman OG, Himalayan Gold, etc.

Since menthol and cannabis exist together naturally, it stands to reason it’s a great terpene for vape cartridges. The cooling and calming nature are perfect for soothing the throat and lungs. One clear winner on the market is Back Forty’s Kush Mint.

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