Terpene Question

I received a great question about the terpene Limonene and whether it is always Sour and Citrus in nature.

It’s a completely reasonable question and one that is important for customer satisfaction. Limonene is a common terpene found in cannabis, and a dearly loved one. Many customers seek a “sour” strain. That is a definite keyword for Limonene that can impart a sour and citrus flavor. I personally love that aspect of Limonene. Underneath that great flavor is a chemical structure of atoms and molecules bonded together. There are two ways those molecules of carbon, etc. can link together into forming Limonene. It might sound strange, but think of your hands or feet. The right and left hand or foot is different from the other side but still recognized as similar in both shape and use. Limone is no different in alternate arrangements, but Limonene does differ in how unlike the two versions are in terms of taste and aroma. One version gives off the sour citrus we expect. The other version is more coniferous in nature. Sadly just seeing Limonene listed in the terpene profile will not tell you which one is used, but chances are it’s the citrus and sour version.

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