Why eating raw cannabis is a waste.  You don’t need a chemistry degree to understand how to make cannabis useable. Don’t let the long word decarboxylation scare you off. No pun intended, put bluntly, cannabis is a plant that needs some cooking to be useable as anything other than a form of fiber, vitamins, andContinue reading “Decarboxylation”

Alphabet Soup

The Other Cannabinoids Sativa, indica, THC, CBD, entourage effect, terpenes, and on and on… If the cannabis plant wasn’t confusing enough, it turns out that there are even more cannabinoids in our beloved plant worth considering. There is a reason cannabis has been honored throughout history and does so much- it’s chock full of mindContinue reading “Alphabet Soup”

Genealogical Web of Relations

LPs (Licensed Producers), Holding Companies, Brands… While cannabis grows in the wild, the majority of us must make our purchases from others. Where is our money really going? A1 Cannabis In Collaboration with The Vallens Company A1 Summit Basecamp  Ace Valley Pre-Rolls- Flower produced by MedReleaf Flower- Flower produced by Flowr. AgMedica Vertical Aphria B!ngoContinue reading “Genealogical Web of Relations”

Cannabis Match UP

Meet and greet the strains. Matchmaking isn’t just for the stars or finding your soul mate. It’s for Cannabis too. Want to know more about a strain before you make a commitment? Dedication of time and money should not lead to users remorse. And yet, there’s a bud waiting for you. Find your dream budContinue reading “Cannabis Match UP”