Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

As cannabis use becomes more and more acceptable and legal the world over, research on cannabis becomes a legitimate endeavor. One area in serious need of understanding is Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) Unlike the common belief and experience by a myriad of users, cannabis doesn’t always stave off nausea and vomiting. A small subset ofContinue reading “Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome”


Why Edibles? Edibles are fun, easy, safely shareable in a time of Covid, and a lung-healthy smoke-free alternative. These benefits are nothing new to people familiar with cannabis, but under the surface lurks a tongue twister- 11-OH-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol aka 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol. By the time you finish saying it, you’ll need something to drink like an edible. ClearlyContinue reading “Edibles”

The THC and CBD Dance

THC and CBD have an interesting dance they do of give and take. The relationship that entwines the two both increases and decreases THC’s effect. As counter intuitive as this might sound, it’s chemically sound. To understand requires two aspects of THC in the body. First off, if you think of THC as a key,Continue reading “The THC and CBD Dance”


When it comes to cannabis, acronyms are our friend. THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is another cannabinoid like THC and CBD. THCV though has its own uniqueness. Like THC it is psychoactive (faster acting and more clear-headed stimulation than THC), but like CBD it doesn’t cause the munchies. In fact THCV suppresses the appetite. The benefits ofContinue reading “THCV”

What to do with Old Weed

The simplest answer is sleep. Over time in storage and especially when exposed to oxygen and heat, THC breaks down into CBN (Cannabinol). While not overly intoxicating, it is worthy of boasting over its ability to turn insomnia into a flimsy memory of what once was. As research continues with more and more regions ofContinue reading “What to do with Old Weed”

Fun Cannabis Fact

Authorities would have us believe cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot or whatever you call it is dependence forming. Is there any research behind this claim, or is it fear mongering? While no direct cause and effect link has been nailed down, there is an association. The binding site for THC is the CB1 receptor (CB1R). DifferencesContinue reading “Fun Cannabis Fact”

First Time

Bad trips can happen, but there is also the reality that some people feel nothing the first few times. For people who had a bad first experience or an amazing one, it might seem hard to believe, but have some empathy because it is very real. How is it possible, and will it change? Yes!Continue reading “First Time”

Fun Cannabis Fact

Everyone responds differently to cannabis in general and specific strains in particular. Why is that? One possibility is our gene code. The CNR1 gene in our DNA is the blueprint for making the CB1 receptors that THC binds to. This gene can mutate easily meaning people will naturally have slightly different building plans for theContinue reading “Fun Cannabis Fact”

Fun Cannabis Fact

Cannabis makes humans high. Does anything else? Turns out that a runner’s high is real. Anandamide is one of two chemicals our body produces that is an internal cannabinoid with strong similarities to THC. Anandamide is created when we exercise to help our bodies cope with the added exertion, but it also can cause euphoriaContinue reading “Fun Cannabis Fact”