Going back to elementary school when we learned how to draw a triangle, you were told make a closed form from three straight lines. Three straight lines was the rule, and anything meeting the rule was marked correct. Of course many differing forms are correct since there are many triangle possibilities. Plants behave in theContinue reading “Phenotypes”

Fun Cannabis Fact

What do central neural activities and disorders such as appetite, learning and memory, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, neurodegeneration, epilepsy, and addiction as well as physiological and pathological conditions in the PNS and peripheral tissues like pain, energy metabolism, cardiovascular and reproductive functions, inflammation, glaucoma, cancer, and liver and musculoskeletal disorders have in common?Continue reading “Fun Cannabis Fact”

Fun Cannabis Fact

Authorities would have us believe cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot or whatever you call it is dependence forming. Is there any research behind this claim, or is it fear mongering? While no direct cause and effect link has been nailed down, there is an association. The binding site for THC is the CB1 receptor (CB1R). DifferencesContinue reading “Fun Cannabis Fact”

First Time

Bad trips can happen, but there is also the reality that some people feel nothing the first few times. For people who had a bad first experience or an amazing one, it might seem hard to believe, but have some empathy because it is very real. How is it possible, and will it change? Yes!Continue reading “First Time”

Fun Cannabis Fact

Everyone responds differently to cannabis in general and specific strains in particular. Why is that? One possibility is our gene code. The CNR1 gene in our DNA is the blueprint for making the CB1 receptors that THC binds to. This gene can mutate easily meaning people will naturally have slightly different building plans for theContinue reading “Fun Cannabis Fact”

Fun Cannabis Fact

Cannabis makes humans high. Does anything else? Turns out that a runner’s high is real. Anandamide is one of two chemicals our body produces that is an internal cannabinoid with strong similarities to THC. Anandamide is created when we exercise to help our bodies cope with the added exertion, but it also can cause euphoriaContinue reading “Fun Cannabis Fact”

Endocannabinoid System

Which Named Which or Which Came First Many systems work intricately together to make up, as a whole, the human body. You can’t survive unless the digestive system processes and makes available nutrients. You suffocate if your respiratory system doesn’t inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Another, but lesser known, system is the endocannabinoid system. Continue reading “Endocannabinoid System”