Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

As cannabis use becomes more and more acceptable and legal the world over, research on cannabis becomes a legitimate endeavor. One area in serious need of understanding is Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) Unlike the common belief and experience by a myriad of users, cannabis doesn’t always stave off nausea and vomiting. A small subset ofContinue reading “Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome”


The topical market is growing in leaps and bounds, and a huge portion of that is creams. According to Soleil (Aphria Brand), “It is expected that by 2025 the global CBD skincare market will reach $1.7 billion. Topicals and self-care products have a potential to reach $37 million this year; 50% of this is inContinue reading “Creams”

Vape Cartridges

Oil is a scrumptious source of fat but possesses a volatile nature. Take a jar of natural peanut butter off a shelf and you can clearly see the oil has separated. Put oil in the refrigerator and it glunks up. These issues are one thing in the kitchen but quite another in a vape cartridges.Continue reading “Vape Cartridges”

Not so High

Being in nature, getting back to our roots, watching wildlife, sitting by a stream…such a euphoric experience. Unless that very nature is being destroyed by our desires. Now that cannabis is legal, the darker side of usage is coming to light. The Black Market didn’t dry up like a stream with legalization, but drying upContinue reading “Not so High”

Binge Drinking

Two studies have recently come out of Oregon State University in Corvalis that turns over the iconic image of frat and other college parties. Beer is certainly still imbibed, but in US states where marijuana has been legalized for the recreational market interesting facts came to light. After going through the data accumulated from theContinue reading “Binge Drinking”

Fun Cannabis Fact

What do central neural activities and disorders such as appetite, learning and memory, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, neurodegeneration, epilepsy, and addiction as well as physiological and pathological conditions in the PNS and peripheral tissues like pain, energy metabolism, cardiovascular and reproductive functions, inflammation, glaucoma, cancer, and liver and musculoskeletal disorders have in common?Continue reading “Fun Cannabis Fact”

Talking to Your Doctor

Medical Cannabis Chronic Pain  A joint virtual meeting of medical power houses has recently wrapped up. Pain Week came to an end with good news for sufferers of chronic pain: a joint resolution to help improve the lives of countless sufferers of never ending discomfort or agony. Many pain sufferers want their GP or familyContinue reading “Talking to Your Doctor”


Is Your Weed Safe?  In December of 2019, the Ontario Cannabis Store recalled 25,000 grams of Cannabis already in stores over mold. Were any of the contaminated lots used? Probably. Here’s how to keep yourself and customers safe through inspection.  Visual Inspection  Ask yourself these questions: Do I see something that looks like cobwebs? IsContinue reading “Mold”


Making Cannabis Microbe Free We love cannabis, but so does mold, microbes, and bacteria. Cannabis, as a living plant, is an attractant to things we might not want to inhale or ingest. Compounding the health issue is that these pervasive life forms are often invisible. Add to this that just because a plant looks cleanContinue reading “Irradiation”

Third Party Testing

Lab Testing Third Party Results  Buyers beware! It’s easy for a company to make claims, but can they back said claims up with measured reality? Without a neutral third party, claims are empty promises void of substance. That is where third party labs come in.  A third party lab is hired by a licensed producerContinue reading “Third Party Testing”