What do Insulin and THC/CBD have in common? Turns out both can be man-made in medical-grade facilities. The tradition of rolling a joint is iconic but could very soon be replaced by a vat and some genetic tweaking now that biosynthesis has reached the cannabis plant.  Tradition has it that cannabis starts as a seed,Continue reading “Biosynthesis”


Cleaning Up Those Concentrates  When it comes to petroleum products, we are all familiar with crude oil versus the refined gasoline we fill up with at the pump. We wouldn’t want anything less for our car. But what about us; because, a similar thing happens with the oil extraction process for cannabis- The initial crudeContinue reading “Winterization”


Making Cannabis Microbe Free We love cannabis, but so does mold, microbes, and bacteria. Cannabis, as a living plant, is an attractant to things we might not want to inhale or ingest. Compounding the health issue is that these pervasive life forms are often invisible. Add to this that just because a plant looks cleanContinue reading “Irradiation”

Drying and Curing

Making Buds Shine Growing and nourishing is over; cutting is done; but, there is still one last step to put the best buds forward: drying and curing. Done badly, good buds are ruined with copious money and time washed away.  The purpose of drying is to reduce the water content of buds to 10-15%. WhileContinue reading “Drying and Curing”

Nitrogen Flushing

Oxygen is needed for life and change. Mold needs oxygen to survive and CBN needs oxygen to change THC. Both of these degrade or ruin the potency and viability of your cannabis. Packaging cannabis can overcome these problems with a process called nitrogen flushing. Nitrogen flushing occurs right before the packaging is sealed. The processContinue reading “Nitrogen Flushing”

Full Spectrum

Full vs Broad Spectrum Nature’s Bounty  We use the term cannabis to refer to a plant, but that plant has many parts such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids amongst others. Added up, the whole is more than a sum of its parts thanks to the entourage effect we get from smoking, ingesting, or vaping.  Unfortunately,Continue reading “Full Spectrum”


CO2 vs BHO  If you look at olive oils on a grocery store shelf, you will see labels advertising ‘first pressed’ or ‘cold pressed’ amongst others. Clearly there is a difference in taste and quality in olive oil production methods. Cannabis oil follows this same logic. Cannabis oil has the same quality issues of productionContinue reading “Extraction”


Indica vs Sativa  Have you ever wondered why there is a greater selection of indicas in comparison to sativas? It is very common on the black market, where many of our customers have gained their cannabis familiarity, but it occurs on the legal side too. Check out OCS. Currently there are 15 pages of optionsContinue reading “Availability”


Why eating raw cannabis is a waste.  You don’t need a chemistry degree to understand how to make cannabis useable. Don’t let the long word decarboxylation scare you off. No pun intended, put bluntly, cannabis is a plant that needs some cooking to be useable as anything other than a form of fiber, vitamins, andContinue reading “Decarboxylation”