Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

As cannabis use becomes more and more acceptable and legal the world over, research on cannabis becomes a legitimate endeavor. One area in serious need of understanding is Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) Unlike the common belief and experience by a myriad of users, cannabis doesn’t always stave off nausea and vomiting. A small subset ofContinue reading “Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome”

Not so High

Being in nature, getting back to our roots, watching wildlife, sitting by a stream…such a euphoric experience. Unless that very nature is being destroyed by our desires. Now that cannabis is legal, the darker side of usage is coming to light. The Black Market didn’t dry up like a stream with legalization, but drying upContinue reading “Not so High”


Is Your Weed Safe?  In December of 2019, the Ontario Cannabis Store recalled 25,000 grams of Cannabis already in stores over mold. Were any of the contaminated lots used? Probably. Here’s how to keep yourself and customers safe through inspection.  Visual Inspection  Ask yourself these questions: Do I see something that looks like cobwebs? IsContinue reading “Mold”