Eve of Cannabis

How Did We Get Here If you go to Royal Seedbank, they offer over 700 different strains, but how did we get here? Astonishingly it all started with a solitary strain- the Eve of Cannabis, Hindu Kush. And its garden? Probably the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  As remote as this area wasContinue reading “Eve of Cannabis”


Going back to elementary school when we learned how to draw a triangle, you were told make a closed form from three straight lines. Three straight lines was the rule, and anything meeting the rule was marked correct. Of course many differing forms are correct since there are many triangle possibilities. Plants behave in theContinue reading “Phenotypes”


Mind and Body  Combining cannabis and meditation is historically sound. There are old traditions that believe cannabis can help unfetter the mind and allow the user new insights into reality. If you wish to experiment with bringing your consciousness to new levels, here are some suggestions.  Lamb’s Bread- uplifting and cerebral for remaining in theContinue reading “Meditation”