The topical market is growing in leaps and bounds, and a huge portion of that is creams. According to Soleil (Aphria Brand), “It is expected that by 2025 the global CBD skincare market will reach $1.7 billion. Topicals and self-care products have a potential to reach $37 million this year; 50% of this is inContinue reading “Creams”

Binge Drinking

Two studies have recently come out of Oregon State University in Corvalis that turns over the iconic image of frat and other college parties. Beer is certainly still imbibed, but in US states where marijuana has been legalized for the recreational market interesting facts came to light. After going through the data accumulated from theContinue reading “Binge Drinking”

Fun Cannabis Fact

Authorities would have us believe cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot or whatever you call it is dependence forming. Is there any research behind this claim, or is it fear mongering? While no direct cause and effect link has been nailed down, there is an association. The binding site for THC is the CB1 receptor (CB1R). DifferencesContinue reading “Fun Cannabis Fact”

First Time

Bad trips can happen, but there is also the reality that some people feel nothing the first few times. For people who had a bad first experience or an amazing one, it might seem hard to believe, but have some empathy because it is very real. How is it possible, and will it change? Yes!Continue reading “First Time”

Revolution of Dabbing

DabTabs Revolutionizing Dab Rigs  Cannabis use goes far back into the fog of history, but humans keep inventing newer and newer ways of reaching that ideal high. While not available in Canada yet, there is a new technology spreading out across the USA, Germany, Chili, and Japan. DabTabs, or Dablets, hopefully will bring their eco-friendly,Continue reading “Revolution of Dabbing”

Lifespan of a Cartridge

Cartridges and Pens What is their lifespan? Let’s begin with averages. An “average” user will get 150 puffs from a 0.5 gram cartridge and 300 puffs from a 1 gram cartridge. This average puff delivers between 3 and 5 milligrams of product. But that’s averages for you. Reality can be more quirky. The average assumesContinue reading “Lifespan of a Cartridge”