The topical market is growing in leaps and bounds, and a huge portion of that is creams. According to Soleil (Aphria Brand), “It is expected that by 2025 the global CBD skincare market will reach $1.7 billion. Topicals and self-care products have a potential to reach $37 million this year; 50% of this is inContinue reading “Creams”

Terpenes Count

THC is THC. Meaning, the THC in Green Crush (Crack) is no different than the THC in Granddaddy Purple. So how is one Sativa and the other labeled an Indica? Here’s a second oddly relevant and related question: Why does one flower smell like a rose and another lilac? Both questions believe it or notContinue reading “Terpenes Count”


What do Insulin and THC/CBD have in common? Turns out both can be man-made in medical-grade facilities. The tradition of rolling a joint is iconic but could very soon be replaced by a vat and some genetic tweaking now that biosynthesis has reached the cannabis plant.  Tradition has it that cannabis starts as a seed,Continue reading “Biosynthesis”

Vape Cartridges

Oil is a scrumptious source of fat but possesses a volatile nature. Take a jar of natural peanut butter off a shelf and you can clearly see the oil has separated. Put oil in the refrigerator and it glunks up. These issues are one thing in the kitchen but quite another in a vape cartridges.Continue reading “Vape Cartridges”

THC Quickstrip

Legalization of cannabis for adult recreational use still carries a heavy stigma: Pothead, Stoner, Rasta Man, Space Cadet…. The list goes on and on, but whatever term is bandied about the underlying assumption is that only losers smoke. It doesn’t help that the cannabis smell can linger bringing into question a person’s sensibility when inContinue reading “THC Quickstrip”

The THC and CBD Dance

THC and CBD have an interesting dance they do of give and take. The relationship that entwines the two both increases and decreases THC’s effect. As counter intuitive as this might sound, it’s chemically sound. To understand requires two aspects of THC in the body. First off, if you think of THC as a key,Continue reading “The THC and CBD Dance”

Endocannabinoid System

Which Named Which or Which Came First Many systems work intricately together to make up, as a whole, the human body. You can’t survive unless the digestive system processes and makes available nutrients. You suffocate if your respiratory system doesn’t inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Another, but lesser known, system is the endocannabinoid system. Continue reading “Endocannabinoid System”

Talking to Your Doctor

Medical Cannabis Chronic Pain  A joint virtual meeting of medical power houses has recently wrapped up. Pain Week came to an end with good news for sufferers of chronic pain: a joint resolution to help improve the lives of countless sufferers of never ending discomfort or agony. Many pain sufferers want their GP or familyContinue reading “Talking to Your Doctor”