Indica vs Sativa  Have you ever wondered why there is a greater selection of indicas in comparison to sativas? It is very common on the black market, where many of our customers have gained their cannabis familiarity, but it occurs on the legal side too. Check out OCS. Currently there are 15 pages of optionsContinue reading “Availability”

Genealogical Web of Relations

LPs (Licensed Producers), Holding Companies, Brands… While cannabis grows in the wild, the majority of us must make our purchases from others. Where is our money really going? A1 Cannabis In Collaboration with The Vallens Company A1 Summit Basecamp  Ace Valley Pre-Rolls- Flower produced by MedReleaf Flower- Flower produced by Flowr. AgMedica Vertical Aphria B!ngoContinue reading “Genealogical Web of Relations”