Vape Cartridges

Oil is a scrumptious source of fat but possesses a volatile nature. Take a jar of natural peanut butter off a shelf and you can clearly see the oil has separated. Put oil in the refrigerator and it glunks up. These issues are one thing in the kitchen but quite another in a vape cartridges.Continue reading “Vape Cartridges”

Lifespan of a Cartridge

Cartridges and Pens What is their lifespan? Let’s begin with averages. An “average” user will get 150 puffs from a 0.5 gram cartridge and 300 puffs from a 1 gram cartridge. This average puff delivers between 3 and 5 milligrams of product. But that’s averages for you. Reality can be more quirky. The average assumesContinue reading “Lifespan of a Cartridge”


What’s in your vape cartridge?  Plants are fickle in being alive. Look at the same plant on two different days and its internal chemistry will have changed. Take chlorophyll in cannabis plants. Over time, chlorophyll degrades into the terpene phytol. And phytol? Well phytol is a precursor for manufacturing of synthetic forms of Vitamin E.Continue reading “Phytol”

Dried Flower Vaping vs Smoking

Which Is Healthier  When people think of a cannabis smoker, the image that comes to mind usually includes a joint or bong. Both forms of cannabis intake have one thing in common- fire. Whether the dried herb is rolled, packed in a pipe, or dampened down into a bong bowl, flame is necessary. Of courseContinue reading “Dried Flower Vaping vs Smoking”