Quick and Easy Guide to Strains- Oregon Golden Goat

Strain Oregon Golden Goat by Top Leaf Type Sativa Dominant  Taste Profile Sweet and spicy with notes of tropical citrus and flowers. Terpene Profile Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Humulene, Myrcene, Terpineol Where it is Grown Alberta THC % 17%-23% Pros and Cons This is not your stay at home and be productive sitting down. Want to hikeContinue reading “Quick and Easy Guide to Strains- Oregon Golden Goat”

Eve of Cannabis

How Did We Get Here If you go to Royal Seedbank, they offer over 700 different strains, but how did we get here? Astonishingly it all started with a solitary strain- the Eve of Cannabis, Hindu Kush. And its garden? Probably the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  As remote as this area wasContinue reading “Eve of Cannabis”

Terpenes Count

THC is THC. Meaning, the THC in Green Crush (Crack) is no different than the THC in Granddaddy Purple. So how is one Sativa and the other labeled an Indica? Here’s a second oddly relevant and related question: Why does one flower smell like a rose and another lilac? Both questions believe it or notContinue reading “Terpenes Count”


Ask a group of cannabis enthusiasts, and you are sure to get a “yes’ to the question: “Does white ash prove the flower was good quality bud?” High priced weed should produce white ash if it’s flushed, and pesticide free, right? Or wrong? Does white ash actually prove anything about quality level? The question couldContinue reading “Ash”


Going back to elementary school when we learned how to draw a triangle, you were told make a closed form from three straight lines. Three straight lines was the rule, and anything meeting the rule was marked correct. Of course many differing forms are correct since there are many triangle possibilities. Plants behave in theContinue reading “Phenotypes”

First Time

Bad trips can happen, but there is also the reality that some people feel nothing the first few times. For people who had a bad first experience or an amazing one, it might seem hard to believe, but have some empathy because it is very real. How is it possible, and will it change? Yes!Continue reading “First Time”

Drying and Curing

Making Buds Shine Growing and nourishing is over; cutting is done; but, there is still one last step to put the best buds forward: drying and curing. Done badly, good buds are ruined with copious money and time washed away.  The purpose of drying is to reduce the water content of buds to 10-15%. WhileContinue reading “Drying and Curing”

The Entourage Effect

THC and CBD  We’ve all heard that mixing drinks or mixing cannabis with alcohol has a big impact on the user, but mixing THC and CBD also causes a change in the user experience. This change will be great for some users and not ideal for others. To get our vocabulary in order, the termContinue reading “The Entourage Effect”


Why eating raw cannabis is a waste.  You don’t need a chemistry degree to understand how to make cannabis useable. Don’t let the long word decarboxylation scare you off. No pun intended, put bluntly, cannabis is a plant that needs some cooking to be useable as anything other than a form of fiber, vitamins, andContinue reading “Decarboxylation”